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nom du fichier nom du fichier:The_Simpsons - season 8.nl.zip
Nombre de sous-titres Nombre de sous-titres:25
Liste des sous-titres Liste des sous-titres: The Simpsons - 8x01 - Treehouse Of Horror VII.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x02 - You Only Move Twice.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x03 - The Homer They Fall.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x04 - Burns Baby Burns.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x05 - Bart After Dark.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x06 - A Milhouse Divided.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x07 - Lisa's Date With Density.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x08 - Hurricane Neddy.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x09 - El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer (a.k.a. The Mysterious Voyage Of Our Homer).DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x10 - The Springfield Files.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x11 - The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x12 - Mountain Of Madness.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x13 - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x14 - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x15 - Homer's Phobia.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x16 - Brother From Another Series.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x17 - My Sister My Sitter.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x18 - Homer vs. The 18th Amendment.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x19 - Grade School Confidential.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x20 - The Canine Mutiny.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x21 - The Old Man And the Lisa.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x22 - In Marge We Trust.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x23 - Homer's Enemy.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x24 - Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase.DVDRip.nl.srt
The Simpsons - 8x25 - The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson.DVDRip.nl.srt
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