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Private Practice

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# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
6x13 In Which We Say Goodbye 4 en fr  hu  ro 
6x12 Full Release 4 en fr  hu  ro 
6x11 Good Fries Are Hard to Come By 4 en fr  hu  ro 
6x10 Georgia On My Mind 4 en   hu pt ro 
6x09 I'm Fine 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
6x08 Life Support 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
6x07 The World According to Jake 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
6x06 Apron Strings 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
6x05 The Next Episode 5 en fr  hu pt ro 
6x04 You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
6x03 Good Grief 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
6x02 100th Episode: Mourning Sickness 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
6x01 Aftershock 6 en fr gr hu pt ro 
All episodes 6 en fr gr hu pt ro