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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
4x17 Series Finale 0  
4x16 I Have A Date Tonight 0  
4x15 I Need To Find My Frenemy 0  
4x14 I'm Finding My Bliss 1 en 
4x13 I Have to Get Out 1 en 
4x12 I Need a Break 1 en 
4x11 I'm Almost Over You 1 en 
4x10 I Can Work With You 1 en 
4x09 I Need Some Balance 1 en 
4x08 I'm Not the Person I Used to Be 1 en 
4x07 I Will Help You 1 en 
4x06 I See You 1 en 
4x05 I'm So Happy For You 1 en 
4x04 I'm Making Up for Lost Time 1 en 
4x03 I'm On My Own Path 1 en 
4x02 I Am Ashamed 1 en 
4x01 I Want to Be Here 1 en 
All episodes 1 en