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Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

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# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
2x20 Beside Still Water 2    pt ro 
2x19 Hail and Farewell 3  fr  pt ro 
2x18 Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen 3  fr  pt ro 
2x17 A Dark Reflection 3  fr  pt ro 
2x16 Day of Atonement 2    pt ro 
2x15 A Problem of Memory 2    pt ro 
2x14 The Fair Folk 2    pt ro 
2x13 Those of Demon Blood 2    pt ro 
2x12 You Are Not on Your Own 3  fr  pt ro 
2x11 Mea Maxima Culpa 4 en fr  pt ro 
2x10 By the Light of Dawn 3  fr  pt ro 
2x09 Bound by Blood 4 en fr  pt ro 
2x08 Love is a Devil 4 en fr  pt ro 
2x07 How are Thou Fallen 4 en fr  pt ro 
2x06 Iron Sisters 3  fr  pt ro 
2x05 Dust and Shadows 5 en fr gr pt ro 
2x04 Day of Wrath 5 en fr gr pt ro 
2x03 Parabatai Lost 5 en fr gr pt ro 
2x02 A Door Into the Dark 3  fr  pt ro 
2x01 This Guilty Blood 4 en fr  pt ro 
All episodes 5 en fr gr pt ro