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Saison 1

# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
1x13 Path To Paradise 2  fr   pt 
1x12 Yes Is the Only Living Thing 2  fr   pt 
1x11 Nothing Gold Can Stay 3  fr gr  pt 
1x10 A Time to Be Born 3 en fr   pt 
1x09 A Kingdom Divided Against Itself 3 en fr   pt 
1x08 There Is a Crack in Everything 3 en fr   pt 
1x07 Inferno 3 en fr   pt 
1x06 He Stilled the Rising Tumult 3 en fr   pt 
1x05 Like a Sheep Among Wolves 3 en fr   pt 
1x04 With Silence and Tears 3 en fr   pt 
1x03 Be Angry at the Sun 3 en fr   pt 
1x02 I to Die, You to Live 4 en fr  hu pt 
1x01 Pilot 4 en fr  hu pt 
All episodes 5 en fr gr hu pt