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The Get Down

Saison 1

# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
1x11 Episode 11 2 fr pt 
1x10 Episode 10 2 fr pt 
1x09 Episode 9 2 fr pt 
1x08 Episode 8 2 fr pt 
1x07 Episode 7 2 fr pt 
1x06 Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice 1  pt 
1x05 You Have Wings, Learn to Fly 1  pt 
1x04 Forget Safety, Be Notorious 1  pt 
1x03 Darkness Is Your Candle 1  pt 
1x02 Seek Those Who Fan Your Flames 1  pt 
1x01 Where There Is Ruin, There Is Hope for a Treasure 1  pt 
All episodes 2 fr pt