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Pretty Little Liars

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# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
6x20 Hush Hush Sweet Liars 1    ro 
6x19 Did You Miss Me? 3 en gr  ro 
6x18 Burn This 4 en gr hu ro 
6x17 We've All Got Baggage 2  gr  ro 
6x16 Where Somebody Waits for Me 2   hu ro 
6x15 Do Not Disturb 2 en   ro 
6x14 New Guys, New Lies 2 en   ro 
6x13 The Gloves Are On 1    ro 
6x12 Charlotte's Web 1    ro 
6x11 Of Late I Think of Rosewood 1    ro 
6x10 Game Over, Charles 2  gr  ro 
6x09 Last Dance 3 en gr  ro 
6x08 FrAmed 3 en gr  ro 
6x07 O Brother, Where Art Thou 3 en gr  ro 
6x06 No Stone Unturned 3 en gr  ro 
6x05 She's No Angel 3 en gr  ro 
6x04 Don't Look Now 3 en gr  ro 
6x03 Songs of Experience 3 en gr  ro 
6x02 Songs of Innocence 3 en gr  ro 
6x01 Game on, Charles 3 en gr  ro 
All episodes 4 en gr hu ro