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# Episode Nombre Sous-titres
1x35 Absolutely No Peaking! The Secret of the Scroll 0   
1x34 Akamaru Surprised! Gaara's Exceptional Ability 0   
1x33 The Ultimate Formation! Ino Shika Chou 0   
1x32 Sakura Blooms! Showing Her Back in Determination 0   
1x31 Super Eyebrow Platonic! I Will Protect You to the Death!! 0   
1x30 Revive, Sharingan! Finish Move - Fire Element, Dragon Fire Technique! 0   
1x29 Naruto Strikes Back! I'm Not Going to Run Away! 0   
1x28 Eat or Be Eaten! Naruto Becomes Bait. 0   
1x27 Second exam start! Everyone is an enemy! 0   
1x26 Must Watch! Report Before Entering the Forest of Death! It's Konohamaru's School Newspaper! 0   
1x25 An Off-the-Cuff Match! The 10th Question That We Must Hold Out On 0   
1x24 I Fail Already? The Extremely Difficult First Exam 0   
1x23 Defeat the Rivals! All Nine Rookies have Assembled 0   
1x22 Energy 120%: A Modern and Rocking Challenge! 0   
1x21 Identify Yourselves! The Powerful Enemies That Have Arrived! 0   
1x20 Enter the New Chapter! It's the Chuunin Exam. 0   
1x19 Zabuza, Fallen in Snow 0   
1x18 A Tool Called Shinobi 0   
1x17 The White Past, the Inner Feelings 1  nl 
1x16 The Released Seal 1  nl 
1x15 The Fight in Zero Visibility: The Sharingan Crumbles 1  nl 
1x14 Number 1 in Surprising People, Naruto Joins the Battle 1  nl 
1x13 Haku's Secret Jutsu: Demonic Ice Mirrors 1  nl 
1x12 Battle at the Bridge! Zabuza Once Again! 1  nl 
1x11 The Country That Had a Hero 1  nl 
1x10 The Forest of Chakra 1  nl 
1x09 Kakashi the Sharingan User 1  nl 
1x08 Decision Sworn on Pain 1  nl 
1x07 The Assassin of Mist 1  nl 
1x06 Important mission! Heading to the Wave Country 1  nl 
1x05 Failure? Kakashi's Conclusion 2 gr nl 
1x04 The Trial! Survival Training 2 gr nl 
1x03 A Rival!? Sasuke and Sakura 2 gr nl 
1x02 I am Konohamaru 2 gr nl 
1x01 Enter! Uzumaki Naruto 2 gr nl 
All episodes 2 gr nl